Backup Vault

Avoid System and Data Loss with Backup Vault.

More and more businesses are becoming less centralized as workers increasingly rely on laptops as their computing environment. In addition, many small businesses are using desktops and laptops to run their organizations. Losing a system — whether to loss, theft, damage or malicious virus attacks — can be catastrophic to many businesses. That’s why so many IT organizations are making data backup and disaster recovery a priority for their desktop computers.

Backup Vault is an automated backup that works in the background. In the event of a disaster, its flexible recovery options allow you to complete granular recovery of files and folders or full bare metal recovery in a matter of minutes.


Fast and reliable disk-based backup that captures full, differential and incremental point-in-time backup images of your entire system. This includes the operating system, applications, configuration settings and data. Schedule full and incremental backups for automatic protection of everything on your Windows desktops and laptops.


Backup Vault provides rapid recovery a number of ways, including full bare metal recovery through a bootable recovery CD. Also, recover to similar hardware or recover to dissimilar or virtual environments with Hardware Independent Restore (HIR).

File & Folder Recovery

Quickly browse to specific files and folders in your point-in-time backup images to perform granular recovery of your data.


Track the status of backup jobs through the notification tools in Backup Vault Image Manager. This feature allows you to set e-mail configurations so you can be notified of backup job success and failure automatically.


Download Backup Vault Data Sheet